Melett Inside

The sign of a quality turbo repair

Melett Inside is the sign of a quality turbo repair. It shows that a turbocharger has been repaired by a Melett Authorised Service Centre (ASC) using genuine Melett components.

Melett ASCs are trusted experts, who have a deep knowledge of turbochargers and a firm belief in quality products. Working with precision tools and Melett components, they are committed to providing the highest quality turbo repairs, technical support and customer service.

Repairs are tagged as Melett Inside to signify they only feature genuine Melett spare parts. Developed by our in-house team of highly qualified mechanical engineers, Melett components are subject to rigorous engineering and testing processes to ensure they match OE specifications.

Furthermore, the Melett Inside tag demonstrates that a repair has been undertaken using our strict code of practice:

  • The turbo is disassembled and all the components cleaned.
  • All parts are fully inspected for damage and/or wear.
  • Any worn, damaged, critical, or non-OE parts are replaced with genuine Melett components.
  • At least one of the following is replaced: CHRA, compressor wheel, shaft & wheel, bearing housing, seal plate, actuator, nozzle ring, turbine housing.
  • The turbo is reassembled using techniques and tolerances set by Melett and/or the original manufacturer.
  • Where applicable, the turbo is balanced (Melett CHRAs are factory balanced) and flow-tested.

Melett Inside repairs are only available through our network of Authorised Service Centres.